If you have a burning itch to become a wealthy internet entrepreneur, you can find the soothing salve right here. My journey has taken me all over the world seeking the advice and knowledge from successful entrepreneurs, Sherpas, religious leaders and just regular people who have the inner drive to make the world a better place.

The single, MOST important factor on your journey to wealth (health, finances, relationships and happiness) is your mindset which is going to be determined by how much you read. How many books are you reading each week? One of my mentors, Tai Lopez, reads a book a day. Seriously, a book a day! Something that struck me deeply that he said is to stop reading all the fiction books and business books on any best selling list. These books are heavily marketed to achieve best selling status and many are simply status quo reading. You need to be reading the classics. You need to fill your mind with the thoughts of those successful business people who haven’t just made a million dollars, focus on those who have made billions of dollars. You might need to sludge through some of these books, but I can tell you from experience, that he is absolutely correct. It changed my entire outlook on what I read and challenged me to read even more.

Second, you’re not going to become wealthy overnight. Remember, this is a journey. If you have tried different internet marketing businesses and other ways to start a home business, you understand that this simply takes time to build. Just like any business, you have to become a student of the craft and begin to discover how to change your mindset and also learn the skills to become successful. The second most important factor will be taming yourself and becoming patient. Patience is the second most important factor you’ll need to master.

Third, you are going to need to surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs who will encourage you on your journey. You’re going to have great days and you’ll have horrible days where you just feel like giving up. Find some entrepreneurs who are 2o years ahead of you, find some who are 10 years behind you, and find some that are in the same place you are. If you find yourself being the smartest go-getter in the room or business circle, find another one where you can learn from others as well.

Lastly, you are going to need several mentors on your journey. Find them. Seek them out. Don’t take no for an answer. You’ll need several because you won’t find every skill you need to learn from just one. Start by writing out what you think you need to learn. Accounting, marketing, strategic planning, whatever it is that you don’t feel very good at, find people who are and ask them for help.

If you will dedicate your time to reading, becoming patient, surrounding yourself with other encouraging entrepreneurs and finding solid mentors, you will be well on your journey to becoming a wealthy internet entrepreneur. One of my friends is taking my advice and has started changing his mindset and discovering that he can build his dream business. Everyone starts somewhere and you can do the same.

Grab hold and take a journey on my blog and see what you can turn up… and become.