So this is my “a little about” page. I’m sincerely glad you found my blog and website. I’ve been on this journey seeking the good life for many years. I’ve felt like I’m on top of the world and been knocked down to my knees on many occasions. I’ve started several businesses of my own and also helped build start-up companies – all of them had the primary element of using the internet to build them.

I hope you find this website to be valuable in helping you begin the journey to discovering your own wealth in your life. You’re probably wondering why I’m not posting my name and picture here. Well, I’ve learned over the years, that if someone is determined and actually wants to succeed, they will find a way to reach me. My assistant, Vanessa, does most of the posting here for me. So reach out if you are one of those 5% determined entrepreneurs.

You can contact me tho.