One could say that the essence of marketing changed completely in just a couple of years: it might not be absolutely correct, but it’s still a good point to make. Whereas in the early and mid-2000s marketing was still about getting your ads onto as many TV channels and billboards as possible, the internet has now largely replaced these as the advertising medium of choice. Business owners and marketers who have revoked the internet in its earlier days are now undoubtedly realizing their mistake: without an online presence, you aren’t going to get very far in the business world anymore. Here’s what’s needed when marketing your business online.

marketing your business

Untangling the web

So why is marketing your business online suddenly so important? Well, there are a number of explanations and theories. You could say that people, as a whole, trust the internet a whole lot more than any other marketing medium used in the past. The internet gives people the feeling that they’re in control: it makes them feel as if every business is handed to them on a silver platter, allowing them to pick and choose whom they want to work with.

However true this might be, it still provides only a partial insight into the state of affairs. In reality, those with big advertising bucks are still beating out the competition just as handily as they did when things were offline, albeit through different methods: instead of more airtime, companies with more money can often ‘buy’ better rankings, improved reviews, greater online exposure and much more.

Did we also mention ads never really went anywhere? Instead of being a nuisance in the middle of your favorite TV show, ads are now displayed on the website you visit every day, or as sponsored content on your online news outlet of choice. Some companies also make use of Google ads by, to put it bluntly, guaranteeing that their name comes up on top of the searches. Those being seen the most are – you guessed it – those with the most money to spend on advertising.

So how can you compete if your opponents are still buying Senate seats?

What smaller companies can do

Those with big advertising money have it easy, but the battle is far from lost. If anything, the move to online marketing has given smaller businesses and companies more tools to defend themselves and even beat out larger enterprises. Look around, and you’ll see plenty of small business owners making it big thanks to the power of the internet.

Of course, you can’t expect the web to do your job for you. To stand out among the countless ads and fight the competitors’ souped-up search placements, you’ll need to wield creativity like you mean it. Think long and hard about what makes your business stand out in a positive sense and then build your campaign around it. Are you a licensed and insured rain gutter company looking to establish a local presence with the help of the internet? Be sure to advertise your business as a team of customer-oriented, friendly professionals out to make a difference through quality of service.

While the prices of Google advertising might give off the opposite idea, you can reap great rewards from online marketing efforts that cost a minimal amount of money so long as you have something of value to offer.

Marketing Your Business Online