There are surely more than a few small business owners who were happy to proclaim their independence from ‘those annoying social networks’ when the latter started booming. These same business owners no doubt felt unwell when Facebook and Twitter kept the boom going and grew to what they are now – an instrumental tool to engage past, present and future clients. If your social media presence is in a good place, consider yourself lucky – the hardest part is over. Moving onwards, you’ll want to manage said presence to become someone people enjoy following and talking about – here are some social media tools to help you do this.

social media tools


One of the best social media tools, HootSuite is so rich with options it might make your head spin: it will let you post frequent scheduled updates on various media sites, monitor past and present mentions of you anywhere on social media, tell you exactly how fruitful your social media endeavors are and much more. Many small business owners feel as if HootSuite is the best choice, with other similar programs being better-off in the hands of either larger enterprises or those dealing with a lot of online traffic.

Rival IQ

Every good businessman knows when it’s time to spy on the competition. Rival IQ will make doing so a breeze and won’t alert your competitors in the process. The tool focuses on the social media presence of your ‘rivals’ much more than your own – you’ll know what they’re posting, when and where they’re doing it and how beneficial it is to their business.


If you’d like to keep track on every single mention of you everywhere on the web, Mention is the tool for you. You’ll get a real-time alert as soon as the mention is made, no matter how brief it is and what site it happened on – from social media to some of the most obscure websites, you’ll know when you’re being mentioned, why and by whom.

Social Rank

As a small business, you probably don’t have tens of thousands of Twitter followers. That being said, even a couple hundred followers might be more than you can keep track of – not to mention, every follower becomes that much more important when you have less of them. Social Rank is a tool that will help you keep track of your followers by giving you three top ten lists: most valuable, most engaged and ‘best’. The first will include followers with the strongest Twitter presence and most influence on the site, the second will list those who most often interact with you and your content in some way and the third will show those with a favorable combination of both. Think of it as the VIP list of your Twitter followers.

Tweeter Spy

If you thought a VIP list of Twitter followers was useful, how about a VIP tweet list? This tool will tell you which posts on Twitter drive most traffic to your site – think of it as a smaller, more specific version of Google Analytics.

Social Media Tools for Small Businesses